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You might have experienced, that the battery in your electric or hybrid vehicle may lose power, energy, and capacity over time. Batteries can be the largest factor causing depreciation in value of your car. EV Hybrid Shop has developed a revolutionary remanufacturing process that restores up to 95% of a battery's original performance. Our battery pack comes with a 3 Year / 100,000 miles warranty and has a lifespan that can outlast the car itself.
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SavingsUp to 40%

Save thousands of dollars by choosing to install EV Hybrid Shop’s remanufactured batteries while increasing the performance of your batteries up to 95% in comparison to purchasing a new battery.

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Warranty 3Y/100,000K Mile

At EV Hybrid Shop, our customers are the reason we strive to provide our best every day. We know our customers want assurance. That is the reason we offer a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first) on EV Hybrid Shop products and services.

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Vehicle Restore

Restore MPG

Fuel economy is critical, isn’t it? We are here to restore your gas mileage with our replacement batteries that will improve the performance and gas mileage of your hybrid.

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Battery with Car

ServicesWe offer

The EV Hybrid Shop network of service locations provides a full spectrum of services for your hybrid and electric vehicles, the tools and expert knowledge to service and repair any component within a range of drivetrains, high voltage systems, and its traditional systems as well. Our Expert Technicians are trained to identify and fix all issues your vehicle may experience.

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Hybrid Auto Repair

Become an EV HYBRID SHOP Franchisee

With the growth in electric and hybrid vehicles forecasted to be approximately 25 million annual vehicles by 2030, there is a knowledge gap and lack of independent service shops that can repair electric and hybrid vehicles. The EV Hybrid Shop Franchisee program gives your technicians training to repair electric and hybrid vehicles certified by EV Hybrid Shop, access to advanced courses, diagnostic tools, technical support, exclusive access to certain products for electric and hybrid vehicles and a dedicated marketing program to grow your customer base.

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